International bussiness

Sector code: 7340120

Training period:  3 years.

With the opening of the market, Vietnam has received many investment sources from abroad, as well as many investors who boldly invested abroad. However, not everyone has the necessary knowledge to be able to participate in this segment. Therefore, the international business industry inevitably becomes an extremely necessary choice to provide human resources with sufficient professional knowledge, ensuring the purchase, sale, exchange, and trade between countries. become smooth.

The program focuses on developing management skills and analyzing business trends around the world through:

Foundation subjects: Studying the global business environment, International investment, Strategic principles, International human resource management….
Key subjects: Import and export, Marketing, communication and international distribution of goods, logistics organization and global supply chain management, international law and practices;
At the same time, students will be equipped with English and soft skills such as: communication skills, problem solving skills, negotiation skills, teamwork skills, lifelong learning skills ….
Be studied and guided by a team of qualified, experienced Entrepreneurs and Trainers who practice professionally in international business enterprises.

After completing the program, students confidently seize the opportunity to work in professional international working environments, and will be able to devise specific development strategies for different companies. Here are the most outstanding points of students in this major compared to other majors in other economic groups:

External experts
Import-export specialists
Trade promotion specialist
International Business Specialist
International investment planning specialist
International investment consultant
Investor – setting up a small and medium business

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